24th April 2015


Hey hey hey!!!
How are you all? It’s been a pretty busy week but I’m just trying to keep my motivation up so pray for me lol!

Today’s post, as you can tell from the title, is not actually about hair. We’re gonna get a little more personal lol! I figured that I should do one of these ‘about me’ posts just so you know who you’re actually interacting with. ENJOY!!!

My brothers! Tayo, Tomi and I (circa 2003)

1) I’m Nigerian (my dad is from Lagos and my mum is half Edo and half American)

2) I went to boarding school at the age of 9 and I’ve been in school in England ever since
3) I’m 19 years old – I’ll be 20 on September 17th (Virgo!!) and don’t you forget it! I’ll be expecting gifts!
4) I have two younger brothers, Tayo and Tomi
5) I love to eat. All the time. Food gives me so much joy. I eat basically everything, apart from weird stuff like intestines and tongue etc
6) I am absolutely terrified of cats. They are so scary.
7) Despite number 6, I LOVE lions. They are my favourite animals in the whole entire world. They are just so beautiful and powerful.
8) My favourite Nigerian meal is pounded yam with okro and fried stew with a side dish of soft dodo – I’m drooling right now
Baby T! LOL! Forehead gang!
9) I know a lot of people but my actual friendship group is very small
10) My dream life would be to live on an island somewhere with my husband and two children and only my family and close friends would know where I lived. I would also have waist length hair.
11) On my mum’s side, I have half Chinese cousins – so they’re half Chinese, quarter Nigerian, quarter American 
12) I get sick before every major event in my life e.g. exams, big birthday, important occasions etc. It happens every single time!
13) Lion King is my favourite movie of all time – so many life lessons. I know all the words to all the songs and I’ve seen the theatre production 5 times 
14) I’m the biggest worrier and I overthink EVERYTHING!
15) I’m very quiet when I first meet people but, once I get to know you, I’m probably the craziest, weirdest person ever

16) My bladder is the size of a pea. It’s really annoying!
17) I’ve climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Best and worst experience of my life!
18) My music taste is very erratic. Sometimes I love ratchet hip hop, sometimes I love gospel music, sometimes I love the blues and sometimes I love afrobeats and so on!
19) I’m a very logical person MOST of the time, planning out the pros and cons. But occasionally, I’ll just do something so strange and ridiculous 
20) I used to bake and sell chocolate cakes when I was younger. My “company” was called “Tara’s Bakery” loll!
21) I cried every time my parents took me back to school for the first 4 years. I was very attached as a child lol!
The fam back in 2009 (I think!)
22) I love having alone time. I actually think I enjoy my own company way too much
24) I’m extremely persistent when I really want something. Like when I REALLY want something, I will not stop till I get it
25) If money was no object, I would spend my whole life travelling to interesting places
26) I wear black 99% of the time

27) I used to faint A LOT when I was younger. The worst two times were when I fainted at the altar in church (pretty sure everyone thought I was under spiritual attack) and in sex ed class in school (cue endless jokes *side eye*)
28) I absolutely cannot stand people who walk slowly in front of me. Like it makes me so angry.
29) I also really don’t like when people put others down in order to try and raise themselves up. Work on yourself instead of worrying about how to walk all over everyone else.
30) Despite the fact that I just told you 30 things about myself (well 29 lol), I am intensely private. There is nobody on earth that knows absolutely everything about me. My family and friends know pretty much everything on this list already so a lot of this is probably not that surprising to them lol.

There we have it lol!! I hope you know a little bit more about me now! Take care!
Tara xXx

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  1. Kehinde says:

    You're an extremely beautiful and elegant young woman. I'm a little over hair blogs but def enjoying yours 🙂

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