22nd May 2015


Hey hey hey!!!

I have to apologise profusely for not posting last week. I had two difficult exams this week so I spent all of last week revising hence no post. Let’s hope I did well *cries*! I have one more next week so, after that, I’m all yours! Andddd I’m trying to plan some exciting stuff with the whole Nature’s Locks movement – WOOP WOOP!
Last week, I put this picture on my Instagram and I got lots of Snapchats about what I used so here we go!! (FYI: This is my favourite Wash and Go so far in the series)

To start with, I used the Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair Lotion, Coconut Oil and Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Curl Defining Crème Glaze. Now this is a slightly interesting combo (well interesting to me because I’m obsessed with hair products lol)! As you all know, coconut oil is bae. No need to discuss it further. I’ve used the Cantu Lotion before but that was literally just to add a bit more moisture to an old braidout. Now with the Crème Glaze! Oh boy! I bought this product towards the end of last year and used it for a braidout. Can we say DISASTER?! My hair felt so dry and horrible (check out my initial reaction here)! But being Stubborn Sally, I can’t let a product go without trying it out a couple more times so I decided to try it once more and OH EM GEE! This combo is amazing! Ok sorry, enough of my ranting – here we go!

  • My hair was super shiny – that rarely happens with my wash and go’s
  • The moisture! Oh the moisture! My hair was really moisturised for all 3 days
  • My hair was very soft and fluffy – sometimes when I use styling products, my hair feels a bit crunchy and hard. This didn’t happen here
  • My hair had lots of movement. Normally when I do wash and go’s, my hair doesn’t have much movement but it had movement this time
  • Lots of volume – I was quite heavy-handed with the products when doing this wash and go because of how dry my hair was last time I used the Glaze. It still had lots of volume!
  • I had quite a lot of definition – to be honest, my hair is never SUPER defined but it was good

To be very honest, I actually cannot think of any majorrr cons I had – well the wash and go didn’t really last more than 3/4 days but in all my time rocking wash and go’s, I’ve never had a wash and go last longer than 3/4 days so…I guess it’s not really a con…

This is definitely my fave combo so far and I will definitely be repeating it once the Series is over! I hope you enjoyed this ‘episode’. There are two more episodes of the Wash and Go Series left so stay tuned for that! At the end, I’ll compare and contrast them (ugh I don’t know why I just worded that like an essay question #EXAMFEVER).

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Tara xXx

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