18th January 2016



Hey guys!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Uni is killing me and I’ve been a bit under the weather but it’s all good!

Now SHAMPOO! This is always a controversial one in the natural hair community. There are loadsssss of natural women and men who choose not to use shampoo at all – they may choose to only cowash or they may use other methods of cleansing, such as apple cider vinegar or bentonite clay. Of course, there are loads of natural women who choose to use shampoo, feeling like other methods just aren’t good enough. Hey, it’s your hair – do what you wanna do! I personally DO use shampoo. However, I stick to using it just once a month when I decide to give my hair a good deep clean. I will use it more than once a month only if I feel that my hair has loads of build up or gets dirty for whatever reason.

“But why do people steer clear of shampoo?”, you may ask. Well this is why some people may choose to forgo shampoo:

  • It can be drying – shampoo is meant to CLEAN your hair so certain shampoos may cause your hair to be stripped of its natural oils and stuff (that’s why you have to use conditioner after!)
  • Harmful ingredients – many shampoos on the market these days contain harmful ingredients, such as sulphates (that’s what makes the shampoo all sudsy). Like the first point, that can leave your hair feeling extremely dry and stripped.
And you know, I totally understand that. When I first started taking care of my hair properly, I cut down on the shampoo. Normally, I would shampoo and condition my hair every single week (I used to wash my hair once a week). However, after doing my research and learning about co-washing (using conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo), I decided to forgo the shampoo every other week. And wow, it made SUCH a difference. My hair felt more more moisturised and softer. And I definitely wouldn’t say my hair felt dirty or gross at all. But of course, every so often, you need to get your hair and SCALP super super clean (remember that a dirty, blocked up scalp hinders hair growth) and I like to do that once a month. So every month, I give my hair a good shampoo! BUT I ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO USE A MOISTURISING SULPHATE-FREE SHAMPOO (e.g. Organix, Shea Moisture)! Just because I want clean hair, it doesn’t mean I have to have dry hair.

A couple of my faves: Shea Moisture and Organix

Also, have you ever had moments where you use your normal products and you do your normal routine but your hair comes out looking hella crazy or just plain awful? (This is happening to me as I write this btw!). Well that could be an indication that you need to shampoo your hair. As naturals, we use a lot of oils and butters and thick moisturisers so sometimes we don’t realise how much build up our hair has. Whenever my hair stops responding, I give it a really good clean. TRY IT!

An alternative to your conventional shampoo: DevaCurl Low-Poo – this one suds up a bit but is still sulphate-free

In conclusion (I’m definitely in essay mode here!), try both!! Try shampooing regularly and try going a couple of weeks without shampooing. Finding that balance requires a bit of experimentation. And hey, we all have different lifestyles and hair types and all that. Some of you go to the gym everyday and sweat everyday (I need to be like you!) and you have to clean that scalp more often. Some of you just have an oily scalp and want to get it clean. Some of you never have to use shampoo. And some of you use alternative methods to clean your hair and scalp. My advice to you is that if you choose to use shampoo, find a shampoo with GOOD products that cleans your hair and doesn’t dry it out. And if you choose not to use shampoo, use other methods to ensure your scalp is clean – whether it’s a cleansing conditioner, apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay or whatever else. Whatever you decide, as long as your hair and you are happy, it’s all good!

Have a lovely week cuties!!

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Tara xXx

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