29th May 2015


Hey guyssss!!!

Guess what?? I have FINALLY finished my exams *woop woop*! You guys cannot even understand how happy I am OMG! Being in exam mode for a whole month has been nothing short of a nightmare but I made it!! Now that it’s summer, I have all the time in the world for Nature’s Locks and I intend to use it wisely. We’ve got some very interesting stuff coming up so stay tuned. Just want to take this opportunity to thank you ALL for your continued support and love – you all make me so happy. LOVE YOU ALLLLL!!!

In honour of summer, today’s post is about protecting your hair from the sun, sea, chlorine and other summer stuff you and your hair may encounter. The sun and chlorine in pools can be very damaging to your hair, ESPECIALLY if your hair is coloured. I’ve heard horror stories of the hair dye reacting with chlorine and the UV rays from the sun. Similarly, the salt and sand in sea water can be drying to your hair as well. Here we go with a few tips…

  • Wear a hat/scarf – the most obvious way to protect your hair from the sun is simply to wear a hat or scarf. It will directly block the UV rays from damaging your precious strands. To be honest, you should be wearing a hat and sunscreen anyway to protect your skin!
  • Look for products with UV protection – there are some products that have SPF properties so look for that on the label. An example is my trusty fave, raw shea butter. The Jane Carter Solution Revitalising Leave-In Conditioner is another example of a product with SPF properties.
  • Adequately prepare your hair for swimming – before getting into the pool or sea, soak your hair with clean/clear water and put it in a protective style (e.g. a bun or a braid). You can also coat your hair with an oil or conditioner for added protection but I don’t really do that. The idea is that a wet sponge can’t soak up any more water so your hair is unlikely to soak up the chlorinated water or sea water.
My mum and I in Crete last year!
  • Be sure to wash your hair properly after swimming in a pool or the sea – this is one of the few times where I strongly recommend shampoo. It is really important to get that chlorine and excess salt out of your hair so wash with a shampoo and make sure to use a moisturising conditioner.
  • Keep your hair moisturised – it’s really important to keep your hair super moisturised! The sun and heat can really dry your hair out so you’ve gotta make sure your hair doesn’t get dried out
  • Don’t forget to deep condition – just because it’s summer, that doesn’t mean you should forget about DC’ing!
There we have it guys! It’s a short post because it’s pretty easy to protect your hair from the summer elements. Make sure you don’t have a setback in your healthy hair journey by following these tips. And these tips apply to relaxed, natural and transitioning hair.
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Tara xXx


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