14th December 2014


Hello people!
Seasons greetings!! I hope you are all enjoying this festive time!
My aunt recently gave me these three products: Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masque! You all know how much I love Shea Moisture but  I’ve been unable to get my hands on this particular line of products! Luckily, these were given to me and I decided to do a product review for you guys.

The shampoo, hair masque and conditioner

Let me start off by saying that I LOVEEEE THIS LINE!! OMG! All three of these products smell AMAZING! It’s a kind of sweet but slightly masculine scent – a bit like molasses if you know the smell. And the lovely smell stayed in my hair all week. So on to the individual reviews…

Now, as you guys already know, I don’t like to use shampoo (very often) because most shampoos dry my hair out. However, I loved this one. This is the first Shea Moisture shampoo I’ve ever tried and, I have to say, I am very impressed. I wet my hair and then applied this product to as much of my scalp as possible. I gave myself a quick scalp massage with my finger tips (PLEASE don’t use your nails!) to release the dirt/build up and to stimulate growth and I rinsed it out. It left my hair and scalp feeling clean and moisturised. RESULT! Overall, I am very happy with this shampoo and I will definitely be using this, and trying other SM shampoos, in the future.

Hair Masque
You guys know how I feel about deep conditioning and this masque was just amazing. Lovedddd it! It was so thick and creamy but it was also easy to work through my hair. I applied it to wet hair and covered with a plastic bag (ratchet, I know! I couldn’t find my shower cap!) and then wrapped a towel around my head to create heat. I left it on for about an hour and my hair just felt so soft, moisturised and bouncy after. It also left my hands feeling super soft!

For me, when using conditioner, SLIP IS CRITICAL! If a conditioner doesn’t have slip, I’m not using it again for sure. This is because I use conditioner to detangle and I don’t need to be ripping half my hair out because my conditioner doesn’t have slip. But this was not a problem with this product! I was a bit sceptical when I first put it in my hand because it just didn’t look thick enough to melt my tangles away but I was proved wrong when I started using it. To be fair, I did have to leave it on my hair for a good 5 minutes before I felt it had enough slip to begin detangling but, when I started, I was very impressed. It left my hair soft and fluffy. I also like how it comes in a pump bottle – I don’t really know why lol, it just really appealed to me! I know some people use this as a leave in so I will give that a try and let you know what I think.

Overall, as you can see, I really loved this line! Even in the days after, my hair still looked shiny and felt healthy and moisturised. And it smelled yummy lol!

The thing I adore most about this line is the fact that a portion of the profits from this particular line go towards the SM Community Commerce Initiative, an initiative by which sales go to women-led businesses and to support communities that supply ingredients for SM products.

So if you have any questions, you can always email or comment below and follow on Instagram!

Tara xXx

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