19th October 2014


Hi everyone!
Still getting used to this blogging thing so bear with me! So I thought I’d make my first post an account of my hair journey. It’s been a longggg one!

So I was born with a fairly thick head of curly hair so, throughout my childhood, my mum would put my hair in 2, 3 or 4 plaits or twists. Occasionally, I would have cornrows, especially when I went to primary school.

My mum and I 🙂 (her hair is also naturally curly)

As I got older, my hair got thicker and longer until it was past shoulder length (quite long considering I was super short until I was about 12). When I was 10 (end of 2005), after a very traumatic salon experience in which I was screaming and crying due to the way the hairdresser was practically ripping my hair out of the follicles, my mum finally let me texturise my hair.

My hair when I was 8 (2 years before texturiser)
At first, it was amazing being able to easily run a comb through my hair. And like I said, my hair was pretty long so I was able to enjoy the length instead of it looking much shorter because it was curly. But then, after a few years, my hair started breaking off like crazy and gradually got shorter and shorter, until it was pretty much a bob. A bit of a shock for someone who has always had long hair! I reckon that at some point, the hairdresser I was going to just simply began to use relaxer instead of texturiser on my hair.
So in 2010, after I went to the hairdresser and noticed that the hair at the top of my head was significantly shorter than the rest, I decided to cut most of my hair off. My hair was literally less than one inch in some parts. I was still relaxing my hair for about 6/7 months or so after that until one day, I just decided to stop relaxing my hair. Because my hair was short, the relaxed bits grew out pretty quickly and then I simply cut them off. So I guess you could say I did a big chop, transitioned and then did a big chop again.
From 2011 and 2013, I consistently braided and straightened my hair. I braided it because I wanted it to grow and I straightened it because I didn’t really know how to look after natural hair until an old friend, who has always had natural hair persuaded me to try wearing my hair curly; so I did :))
May 2013 (as you can see there’s quite a bit of heat damage)

Again, at first, I wasn’t too sure how to take care of my hair but over time I learnt from watching hundredssss of Youtube videos and going on loads of natural hair care websites. Overall, I’ve come a very long way from burnt off hair to thick, slightly crazy hair :))

December 2013
March 2014

July/August 2014
September 2014

That’s my hair journey! More posts to come very soon!

Tara xXx

6 responses to “MY NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great blog!

  2. pro-FIT says:

    So I guess texturising/relaxing isn't the way to go for "young locks" huh? An Informative bit of blogging!

  3. Omophil says:

    Interesting journey! One needs to be dedicated and guided to go natural.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Watch this space!! Well done tara

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whats your hair care routine? Especially when you're leaving it out and tips to prevent it from becoming dry and knotted.

  6. Tara Ojora says:

    Hi! As my hair care routine is a little bit long sometimes, I have a detailed post which will be up by the end of the week so please look out for that. In terms of stopping dryness, I make sure not to go more than about 3 days without moisturising my hair when I leave it out. To moisturise, I use a water-based moisturiser or I use homemade spritzes (e.g. I mix water and a leave-in conditioner together in a spray bottle and spray all over my hair). After that, I'll use an oil (e.g. coconut oil, argan oil) to seal the moisture in. To prevent knots, keeping your hair moisturised is important – if the hair is moisturised adequately, it's less likely to tangle. In addition, I also don't go more than 1 week without detangling my hair or else my hair gets extremely knotty. Would you like a post on recipes for homemade spritzes? And a post of the oils that one can use to seal?

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