23rd January 2017



Hello guysssss!!!

I hope you’re all good!! I’m back in uni now and the stress has most definitely kicked in. I know this is the last semester of uni/school for a lot of people, INCLUDING ME, so good luck!! I hope this last term is a successful one!

As we all know, during the Christmas period, many of us did a lot of travelling to spend the holidays with our loved ones. Some of you are lucky enough to travel really often for work and whatnot. As exciting and amazing as travelling can be, travelling via air can wreak absolute havoc on our hair and skin. The dry and cold air up there and the rough material on the seats can result in disaster. When I was living in LA, I was travelling loadssss between LA, London and Lagos and my skin and hair suffered for it. In one particular instance,  I flew 67 hours in 5 weeks! My hair and skin paid the price. So I’ve had to devise some tips and tricks in order to deal with this issue! Most of these suggestions apply to longer flights but adapt as needed!

Use heavier moisturisers on your hair & skin prior to flying

Before flying, I always try to make sure my skin and hair are super moisturised – I already have dry skin and hair and the plane air just turns everything into tumbleweed! So with my skin, instead of using my daily moisturiser, rosehip or argan oil, I use my nighttime moisturiser, shea butter or olive oil. With my hair, I will grab a hair cream (e.g. Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter) rather than one of my usual lighter leave ins (e.g. Kinky Curly Knot Today).


Try to fly make up free – or with as little make up as possible

Now I know we all wanna look cute because “the airport is our runway” (as my fave Victoria Beckham once said) but having good skin is very important to me! I always go make up free when I’m flying because I find that make up dries my skin out even more when I’m on the plane. If you don’t wanna give up the make up, a good compromise is to wear make up for the airport and take it off using your favourite wipes (I love the Simple wipes) when the plane takes off. OR you could try using a light powder or tinted moisturiser rather than foundation.


When I decide to wear ‘make up’ on the plane, I wear the Bare Minerals Bareskin Perfecting Veil in Dark to Deep

Wear a simple protective style for the flight

I alwayssssss have my hair in a bun for a flight. Not only because of the dry cold air but also because I find that the material used on plane seats is kinda rough and my hair gets caught in it. I’m not saying you have to install box braids just for the flight lol but if it’s a longer flight, I would advise buns, twists, cornrows or wigs (if you wear them).

Carry your satin scarf/pillowcase on the plane

I do this all the time with zero shame. As soon as I get on the plane, I put my satin pillowcase (email me on if you would like a Nature’s Locks Satin Pillowcase) or scarf around my little travel pillow that I put behind my head/neck – it makes ALL the difference to your face and hair.

Constantly hydrate your skin on board

I don’t play with this one haha! Especially if it’s a long flight (I consider a long flight 6+ hours). I carry a travel-size bottle/tub of a moisturiser I like and I apply it periodically to my skin. It really really helps keep your face hydrated and stops your skin looking all cracked and dry when you land. Another great alternative I just discovered is rose water – it refreshes the skin and moisturises it so well. You can also use it on your hair. PLUS it is said to be a great stress reliever so, if you’re a nervous flyer like me, this might help.


Get lots of rest before and after your flight

We all know how stressful and tiring travelling can be – long lines, delays, overzealous security people patting you down, lost luggage etc etc! Try to get loadsssss of rest before and after flying so you can be rested and rejuvenated when you arrive at your location. Believe it or not, a lack of rest affects the health of your hair and skin.

Drink loadssss of water onboard

This one is really important. We all know how important it is to drink water constantly but that importance doubles when it comes to flying. As I said, the air on the plane is dry and cold, which can leave you super dehydrated and which can translate to your hair and skin. I’ve noticed that most airlines don’t give you enough water so I always buy a few bottles in the airport. Don’t skimp on the water!


There we have it, guys!! Most of us love to travel. But your wanderlust shouldn’t translate to dry skin and brittle hair!! I hope these tips work for you. If you have any tips to add, share below!


Tara xXx


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    they wouldn’t let liquids on the plane though

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