20th November 2015


Hey there guys!

I hope you’re all having a great week!

As you know, I’m here in sunny LA (evil grin) but I know that so many of you are in cold, windy places (sorry!) where winter is creeping up ever so quickly or has already crept up! So I decided to have a little sympathy for you guys haha! As we all know, the cold, winter winds can be extremely harsh on our beautiful hair. We don’t want to get to the end of winter with dry, straggly strands hanging off our heads so here are a few tips to keep your hair soft, healthy and beautiful in these Arctic times:

  • Moisture, moisture, moisture! – I say this alll the time and this applies all year round but particularly in the winter time. Please remember to deep condition! You may even want to think about deep conditioning more often. Moisturise and seal more often too!
  • Use thicker sealants – once you’ve put all that lovely moisture in, you want to make sure it STAYS in. When it gets cold, I tend to switch from lighter sealants (e.g. almond oil, coconut oil) to thicker sealants (e.g. shea butter, olive oil). These thicker sealants are better at withstanding the cold weather.
  • Protective styling – winter is the PERFECT time to rock a protective style. My favourite is box braids. Protective styles protect your hair (duhh!) from all the elements and help to keep it moisturised thus retaining length. It can also be way more convenient than rocking your natural hair. But whether you decide to rock a weave, braids, twists, a bun, scarves (satin/silk), hats or bantu knots, keep it MOISTURISED!
I need these braids back. They were super cute.
  • Keep that scalp healthy – if your hair scalp is naturally dry, it will probably get drier in the colder months! Think about it this way, you most likely have to moisturise your face and body more often in the winter because the cold makes it drier (well I hope you’re moisturising! Ashy ain’t cute!). So during these chilly times, it may be beneficial to moisturise the scalp more often. Think about using scalp serums or just use pure natural oils like coconut oil or jojoba oil.
(If you like the shirt, let me know!)
  • Pre-poo – to be honest, I don’t usually do this when it’s not winter but it is a MUST during the colder months, especially when I’m shampooing or if I’ve been wearing my hair out. If you don’t know, a pre-poo is simply when you apply an oil or a mixture of oils all over your hair and scalp (focusing on the ends) and leave it on for a few hours (sometimes overnight) before shampooing or cowashing. I definitely notice a bigggg difference when I do this! (P.S. I should really stop being lazy and do it more often lol!)
  • Drink your H2O and eat right – brothers and sisters, we know that we are what we eat. That extends to your hair. Trust me, I know it is hard to keep to your healthy diet when it feels like you’re turning into an icicle and all you want is some yummy (but unhealthy) comfort food, which you plan to eat in bed whilst watching all six seasons of Gossip Girl. But try to resist! Healthy hair and skin starts from the inside (I say as I stuff my face with gummy bears)!
Go Bruins!!
There we go, ladies and gentlemen! The harsh weather does not have to spell the end of your natural hair journey! Make a few minor adjustments and you’ll be good to go.
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Tara xXx

P.S. I am working on some really cool stuff for NL and I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned!

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