9th May 2016



Hey cuties!

How are you all?? Sorry I haven’t posted recently – I’ve been having some major technical difficulties (I hate technology sometimes OMG). I am SOOOO ready for summer OMG. Just 4 weeks until I can sleep. I literally cannot wait. I wanna try some fun hairstyles this summer. Any suggestions??

I am here to talk about the amazing thing that is GREEN TEA! Whether you drink it or apply it topically, green tea has major benefits for your skin, hair and overall health. I’ll start by listing some benefits of the stuff then I’ll tell you how you can use it to improve hair and skin health!


Benefits of Green Tea

There are sooooo many benefits of green tea! It really is a “superfood”. Here are just a few:

  • Green tea helps to burn fat in the body – it is recommended that you drink around 5 cups a day if this is your aim
  • Green tea contains caffeine so it’s a great substitute for coffee AND the caffeine will help to reduce puffiness in your face when applied topically
  • It contains powerful antioxidants, such as EGCG, catechins and flavonoids
  • It has anti-aging properties when you drink it or apply it on your face
  • It helps to reduce hair shedding when applied to the scalp – the caffeine in the tea blocks the hormone DHT, which causes hair loss
  • It helps to improve your complexion and it can help to get rid of acne
  • It is super hydrating (duhh you make it with water lol)



The main way I use green tea on my hair is through tea rinses. Tea rinses are one of the main ways I’ve been able to reduce excessive hair shedding. As I said earlier, our scalps produce a hormone called DHT. This hormone causes the follicles on the scalp to shrink, which causes the hair to fall out. Thus, shedding! Green tea has caffeine and caffeine reduces the production of this hormone, thus reducing shedding. This is why many products that claim to reduce shedding have caffeine in them. If you don’t have green tea, black tea will work just as well. As I said in a previous tea post, the process of doing a tea rinse is very simple:

  • Boil 3-4 cups of water and add about 3 or 4 tea bags into it
  • Allow the tea to steep until it cools completely (don’t go burning your scalp off)
  • Pour the tea over your scalp and hair multiple times and gently rub into your scalp (I like to use a spray bottle because it’s way easier to get the tea all over the hair and scalp)
  • Allow the tea to sit on your scalp for 15-20 minutes
  • You MUST follow up with a moisturising deep conditioner – the tea can leave your hair a little hard so it’s important you do this to soften the hair again



Firstly, DRINK IT!! Green tea is great for clearing up your complexion and hydrating the skin. Aside from that, you can use green tea as a face mask for a huge antioxidant boost and to brighten up your skin! Below is my favourite mask recipe:

  • Boil some water and make yourself a cup of green tea
  • Drink the tea! Then cut open the tea bag and mix the tea leaves with some olive oil and honey
  • Wash your face with your fave cleaner and apply the mask to your damp face
  • Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes then wash off with warm water and moisturise your face



There we have it, guys!! Green tea needs to become your new best friend. YES, it is definitely an acquired taste. But once you start drinking it, you’ll never stop!

Do you guys have any other uses for green tea?? Let me know.

Have a fabulous week! Comment below or email me with any questions! Follow and share on social media!

Tara xXx


  1. Chloe says:

    Love this article! Going to try it myself next wash day! Screenshotted it so I can revisit your instructions too!


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