22nd May 2019



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So this is probably the most frequent question I get: how do I moisturise my braids? Well if you know you’re meant to moisturise your hair while it’s in braids, you’re halfway there! A lot of people think that braids = not touching your hair for 2 months! NO sis! You still need to moisturise. I wrote all about how your protective style can turn destructive if you don’t moisturise. You wouldn’t go 2 months without my moisturising your hair if it was out (or at least I hope not!) so why should you go 2 months without moisturising because your hair is in braids?! Aside from that, most of us use extensions and/or synthetic hair when doing braids and that extra hair can actually suck a lot of moisture out of your hair so the last thing you want is to make your hair EXTRA dry.

Contrary to what you may think, moisturising your braids is so easy. It is probably the easiest protective style to moisturise because you have access to your scalp and it’s easy to get between all the layers of the hair. My favourite way to moisturise my hair is with a spray bottle – I either use a spray leave in or I make a mixture and use a spray bottle to spray it all over my hair from root to tip. I do this every other day to keep my hair moisturised and soft.

Some of the spray leave ins I like to use are:

The Natural Nigerian Spray. Image:

The Natural Nigerian Aloe Hair Hydrate N Refresh Spray with Oil. Image:

When I mix my own sprays, I tend to keep it pretty simple so I avoid build up in my hair. Here are some combos I like to mix up:

  • Water – a little leave in conditioner – a few drops of one of the Nature’s Locks oils
  • Water – rosewater and/or aloe vera juice – a few drops of one of the Nature’s Locks oils
  • Water – a little leave in conditioner – a few drops of an essential oil (usually lavender, peppermint or rosemary)
  • Water – a little leave in conditioner

The two Nature’s Locks oils – Reparative Hair Growth & Sealing Oil and Nourishing Hair & Body Oil

You can use any leave in conditioner you like! But I suggest staying away from anything superrrr heavy to avoid build up and clogged follicles. If you want to promote growth even further, you can massage your scalp with a few drops of oil – the massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp and the oils contain nutrients that promote growth. The Reparative oil is amazing for this!

There we have it guys! Moisturising your braids is sooooo easy so you really have no excuse not to! Keep that hair hydrated for maximum length retention!


Tara xXx

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