6th March 2015


Hi guys!!!
I hope you’re all well! I’ve had a pretty busy week *groannnn*!! But this week, I also trimmed about an inch off my hair and I had my twists done! (I will post pics!) Anyway, enough about me lol! Here we have a feature from the lovely Mia!!

Tell us your name, where you’re from and where you live
Hey! My name is Mia Fyffe. I’m 17 and I live in South East London.

How long have you been natural? And why did you decide to go natural?
I’ve always been natural so I’ve never relaxed or added chemicals to my hair. I straighten my hair maximum twice a year to avoid heat damage. But I would say that I started to fully embrace my natural hair about 2 years ago. I read ‘The Curly Girl Method’ by Lorraine Massey and I cut out sulfates and silicones and I started loving and embracing my curls!

What’s the best and worst thing about being natural?
Best – The diversity! There are so many different styles you can do with natural hair and everyday is different. No two strands of hair are the same.

Worst – The maintenance! It is very thick so it gets super knotty and it requires a lot of attention in the morning haha!

Give us a brief summary of your wash day regimen
Rinse hair under the shower with lukewarm water then I use my Curl Shampoo by Palmers. After shampooing, I apply a conditioner with lots of slip and section my hair in order to detangle. I finger detangle, raking the conditioner through my hair and then detangle with the Tangle Teezer (special shower edition) which helps me detangle pain-free. I’m currently using the Tresemme Naturals conditioner (which is great for moisture and detangling). After rinsing out the conditioner, I apply my leave in conditioner (Paul Mitchell ‘The Conditioner’), raking it throughout my hair and also brushing through it with the Tangle Teezer. After my leave in, I apply Vatika Coconut Oil and follow up with Eco Styler gel. After raking and brushing the gel through my hair, I usually let my hair air dry but, if I’m in a hurry, I will diffuse.

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only have ONE hair product, what would you choose?
Ooooh that’s such a hard question…I think Paul Mitchell’s ‘The Conditioner’ as it’s soooo moisturising!

Tell us two DOs and two DON’Ts for your natural hair
DOs: Have patience. As much as I want my hair to grow fast and really healthy, I know it takes time and I need to love my hair despite its imperfections. Detangle well. For me, when I detangle properly, my curls elongate, my shape is how I like it and my hair lasts a lot longer. Rushing the detangling process just messed up my routine BIG TIME!

DON’Ts: Compare my hair to others. I don’t think it’s wrong to admire other natural sisters’ hair but sometimes I start wishing I had their hair and hating mine, instead of loving my hair. Fit in society’s box. I’m learning to love my hair and not to worry if my hair’s not perfect and has some frizz and is big and out there. Sometimes I do get negative comments about my hair but know just to shake it off and move on! I need to be me and embrace the beauty of natural hair!

Give us one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to go natural
GO FOR IT!! Even though I’ve always been natural, I have plenty of friends who have transitioned to natural hair and not one of them regrets it. It’s such a freeing experience and so worth it! Watch YouTube videos for inspiration too!

Thank you Mia for sharing with us!!

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Tara xXx

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