1st May 2015


Hi guys!!!
I hope you’re having a great week! I cannot believe it’s May already! Where is 2015 going??? I hope it is a greatttt month for you. If you have exams (as many of you probably do), GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you ace it! Also, I didn’t realise you guys cared so much about me LOL!!  Last week’s post, the “Who is Tara?” post, got so many hits. Glad to know you guys are interested in my life lol! 
Anyway, back to our regular scheduled programming! Today’s Feature Friday is on the lovely Melissa (@missygibbs on Instagram). She takes the most beautifulllll pictures! Here we go…

Tell us your name, where you’re from and where you live
Hey! My name’s Melissa but lots of people know me as Missy Gibbs. I’m from Barbados but I’m currently living in England.
How long have you been natural? And why did you decide to go natural?
I’ve been natural for two and a half years now! I didn’t plan on going natural – it just sort of happened after I had a really terrible hair accident haha! 
What’s the best and worst thing about being natural?
Best – The best thing is how confident I’ve felt lately in my own skin. And I get lots of compliments, which is so lovely.
Worst – I wouldn’t say there’s a bad thing about being natural at all. I love it!
Give us a brief summary of your wash day regimen
My wash day regimen is quite simple! I usually section my hair into 4 sections and then I dampen my hair a little, apply olive oil and my favourite conditioner and leave that on for about half an hour. That leaves my hair super soft and makes washing my hair with shampoo less drying! And then I just condition my hair again after that and twist my hair up and let it air dry before I style my hair.
If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only have ONE hair product, what would you choose?
Haha oh dear, that’s a hard one! But I think I’d have to take my Cantu Conditioning Cream because my hair loves that stuff!
Tell us two DOs and two DON’Ts for your natural hair
DOs: Twistouts!! My hair does so well with them. And deep conditioning is a must!
DON’Ts: Too much product – it weighs my hair down and makes it sticky. And wash and go’s are a no no for me. Haha too much effort!
Give us one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to go natural
Just have fun with it! Enjoy growing your hair out and experimenting and finding out what products work for you. And don’t compare your hair to anyone else’s! Everyone’s natural hair is BEAUTIFUL!! <3 

A huge thank you to Melissa for sharing with us!!!!

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Tara xXx

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