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7th November 2014


Hello beautiful people!! So I’ve decided to include features from other naturals. Natural hair is SO diverse and I feel that we can all learn from each other! What may work for person A may not work for person B so it’s important that I give you information from as many sources as possible. I…

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4th November 2014


Hey guysss!Today, we’re talking about protective styling.What is that??It’s exactly what the name suggests. It’s a low manipulation hairstyle that protects your hair from harsh weather and general wear and tear. It is one in which the ends of your hair are moisturised and tucked away instead of rubbing up against your clothes or being…

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1st November 2014


Hi everyone!! Today’s post is on a very important topic: sleeping! Having a good nighttime routine is absolutely essential for keeping your hair moisturised, preserving your style and making sure you don’t wake up the next day looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge. So here are some nighttime tips: 1) SLEEP ON A…

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29th October 2014


Heyyy!!! DEEP CONDITIONING!! The holy grail of natural hair (in my opinion)! When I first embarked on my hair journey, I never used to deep condition. However, I noticed my hair was breaking like crazy so my hairdresser suggested I start deep conditioning and it literally changed my life (ok not my life, but my…

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24th October 2014


Hey guys! So I figured that I should do a post on my wash day regimen! I do most of these steps once a week in order to maintain healthy hair: 1) Shampoo – I only do this once a MONTH. Before you guys freak out about using shampoo just once a month, the shampoo…

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