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26th November 2014


Hi guysss! I’m coming at you today with a few product reviews! I picked up these products a few weeks ago and I thought I’d let you know how I found them (these are my unbiased objective views). Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor I absolutely LOVED this deep conditioner! WOW! It’s definitely one of my new…

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23rd November 2014


Hey guysss!So I was actually very reluctant to do a post on my favourite products because different products work for different people – what may work for my hair may not necessarily work for yours. What I don’t want is you guys running out and spending your life’s savings on hair products only to find…

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21st November 2014


Hi everyone!! Hope you’re all having a great week! So here we go with another feature from the beaut Whitney! Enjoy! Tell us your name, where you’re from and where you live? My name is Whitney Madueke. I am from Anambra State and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. How long have you been natural? And…

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7th November 2014


Hello beautiful people!! So I’ve decided to include features from other naturals. Natural hair is SO diverse and I feel that we can all learn from each other! What may work for person A may not work for person B so it’s important that I give you information from as many sources as possible. I…

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4th November 2014


Hey guysss!Today, we’re talking about protective styling.What is that??It’s exactly what the name suggests. It’s a low manipulation hairstyle that protects your hair from harsh weather and general wear and tear. It is one in which the ends of your hair are moisturised and tucked away instead of rubbing up against your clothes or being…

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