1st March 2017



Hi guyssssss!!

How are ya?? Happy Hump Day! I hope you’re all having a fabulous week. I know it’s been a while – sorryyyy!! I’ve been slammed with coursework. 6 weeks till I’m done with uni! I literally cannot wait to be done. I know loads of you are currently in the same position so GOOD LUCK!!! Keep pushing! I can’t believe it’s March already – this year is literally flying by omg. For those of you that observe Lent, what are you giving up?? I think I’m gonna give up procrastinating and complaining – it’s gonna be pretty tough but I reckon I can try!

Soooo the answer to the question in the title is YES (according to me!). Whenever I use a rinse out conditioner as a leave in, I always get asked if it’s ok to do so and I’m here to say it is. I am a huge fan of using rinse out conditioners as leave ins because 1) they’re usually super moisturising, 2) they’re excellent for detangling and 3) they’re usually cheaper than buying a leave in! In fact, I even find that certain rinse out conditioners work better as leave ins. For example, everyone knows Shea Moisture is, like, my favourite product line. I love their stuff! But I find that their rinse out conditioners are not thattttt great. Just as I was about to write them off, I ran out of my leave in one day and decided to use one of their rinse out conditioners as a leave in and I haven’t turned back. Their rinse out conditioners are super moisturising and softening but they’re not sooo great when it comes to detangling. I also love to use the Devacurl One Condition as a leave in conditioner. It’s pretty expensive so it doesn’t make sense for me to wash it down the drain when I’m detangling lol. It’s also very moisturising and makes my curls pop so I might as well!

This is a wash and go I did using the Devacurl One Condition and the Devacurl Light Defining Gel – one of my best wash and go’s ever!

This same thought process also works with cheaper conditioners. When I use a rinse out conditioner as a leave in, I tend to use the pricier, better quality ones for that because they tend to have better ingredients. However, there is nothing stopping you using your drugstore conditioner as a leave in (e.g. L’Oreal, Tresemme, Herbal Essences). As I said, they’re usually insanely moisturising. However, there is a word of warning: cheap/drugstore conditioners usually contain ingredients such as dimethicones and artificial fragrances and colours. If you’re going to leave these products in your hair, I would strongly advise frequently using cleansers/shampoos. I know most people in the natural community steer clear of using shampoos and cleansers frequently as they can dry out the hair, but these ingredients can coat the hair strand, leaving your hair dull and a bit lifeless. A good clean usually helps to rectify the issue. So that’s definitely something to think about if you’re gonna go down this path.


As I said, using rinse out conditioners as leave ins can actually save you some money. Instead of buying two separate products, you can use the same one. For a student like myself, this reallyyyyy helps me out. This also applies when you’re travelling. Instead of carrying several different products, streamline it and just carry your rinse out conditioner – that way you have something to moisturise and detangle your hair. I do this every time I’m travelling and it makes life a wholeeee lot easier.

So that’s my take on it!! I personally love this method of moisturising my hair. It’s a detangling-moisturising double whammy. Give it a go and let me know how you like it!


Tara xXx


  1. Aria Len says:

    I just started a modified version of the tightly curly method and I agree! I’ve never had any leave in that leaves my hair as moisturized and defined as a rinse out conditioner has. I wash weekly with a sulfate free shampoo that contains Cocamidopropyl betaine, Which removes silicones (even dimethicone) just fine so I use suave essentials (formerly suave naturals) conditioner as my leave in. These conditioners don’t contain silicones, but I prepoo with Aussie moist which has silicones and use silicone conditioners to detangle the night before I plan to wash.

    It makes wash day a breeze and now I love wash day!

    Great post!

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