11th December 2014


Hi guys!
This is just a quick post to update you on a few changes I’ve made to the blog just to make your experience on Nature’s Locks easier and more convenient!

1) On the right, you’ll see the Instagram icon (the blue square with a camera). This is a direct link to our Instagram page so you can also view what I post on there. Follow us on natureslocks!!!

2) I’ve added the g+1 button which is the method you can use to publicly share Nature’s Locks with your friends/followers/family etc. Spread the word!

3) I’ve added the email subscription bar. All you have to do is submit your email and you’ll get an email whenever I put up a new post. It won’t send you spam or anything! It’ll just be an email containing the blog post so that if you aren’t able to get onto the web or anything, you can still enjoy our posts.

4) I’ve started adding labels to my posts, which are shown on the right. Therefore, if you click on a specific label (e.g. curls), it will take you to all the posts where I’ve tagged ‘curls’.

Hope this was helpful! If you have any other suggestions on how I can improve Nature’s Locks for YOU, please let me know!

Tara xXx

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