30th May 2016



Hey guysssss!!

I hope you’re well! Summer is nearly here and I can barely contain my joy lol. What are your summer plans? Anything fun??

So if you follow me on Instagram (@natureslocks), you’ll see that I recently put up a post about how I’ve recently started steaming my hair. And since I started, my hair has reaped immense benefits. My hair literally feels incredible right now. My hair is soft, the curls are defined and I’ve experienced way less breakage. Steaming is a great thing to incorporate whether you have natural, relaxed, transitioning, whatever hair!!

I steam my hair when I deep condition my hair – so I do this once a week! All I do is wash my hair with a shampoo or cleansing conditioner (I usually use the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo or the DevaCurl LowPoo) then I detangle using a conditioner with loads of slip (I usually use Aussie Moist Conditioner). I then coat my hair with my deep conditioner and then sit under my steamer for about 20 minutes.



Benefits of steaming

  • Allows for better product absorption – due to the heat of the steam, the hair cuticles are opened, meaning that the deep conditioner is able to penetrate the hair shaft more easily
  • Shortens wash day – normally, when I deep condition my hair, I sit with it on my hair for about an hour (whilst wearing a shower cap and a wooly hat to create heat). However, because the steaming increases the product absorption and provides a lot of moisture, I only need to do it for 20 minutes! Anything that shortens wash day is a plus in my eyes!
  • Reduces breakage – because the moisture is able to penetrate the hair shaft deeper, the hair is more moisturised, thus there is less breakage
  • More length retention – more moisture + less breakage = more length retention!!
  • Cleans scalp and thus promotes growth – the warmth from the steam can cut through the dirt and build up on the scalp, thus cleaning the scalp. And a healthy scalp = healthy hair. You can’t grow healthy hair with a dirty, unhealthy scalp!
  • Makes the hair softer and more manageable – again, this is all down to the extra moisture the hair gets. My hair feels soft and lush and thus it is easier to do the styles I want to do!
  • More curl definition – I’ve found that since I started steaming, my hair is less frizzy, which means more curl definition!

My hair after steaming for 20 minutes!

There are many benefits but these are the ones I have experienced myself!! Overall, steaming has been an absolute success with my hair and is something I will definitely be incorporating into my weekly hair regimen. My hair has NEVER felt better. Seriously.

At the moment, I use a hooded steamer (buy here) because it allows the steam to circulate around my head. This one is particularly useful because it has an extra attachment for steaming your face in order to do facial treatments as well! There are so many hair steamers out there so it’s all about doing some research and finding out what works best for you and your wallet! And if you don’t have a steamer, do not panic!! Before I had a steamer, all I used to do is apply my deep conditioner and leave it on for about 40-50 minutes. For the final 10-15 minutes, I used to hop into the shower and let the steam from my shower do the work for me. It’s not as intense but it does work!

Try to incorporate steaming into your hair and see the amazing difference it makes to your hair! Let me know how it goes!!


Tara xXx

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