30th October 2015


Hey guyssss!!

How’s it going?? Another busy week in Califawniaaa but it’s all good. (Sidenote: am I the only one totally freaked out about how fast this year is going by?! Can’t believe it!)
So lately, I’ve made the shift back towards what I call ‘drugstore conditioners’. These are conditioners that are often fairly cheap, come in large quantities and usually have exceptional slip (for those that don’t know, slip kinda refers to the ease with which you can use the product to detangle). The downside is that they are not always all natural and organic etc as what you may use for your leave in conditioner or your styler or sealant or whatever. “So why are you using it?” I hear you ask. Well there are a few reasons for the shift…
  • My hair has gotten very thick – in the past 7-8 months, my hair has gotten ridiculously thick! I don’t actually know why lol but it has gotten super thick. This means that it gets more tangled than it used to thus taking muchhhhh longer to detangle than before. I needed something with loads of slip to melt these tangles away
  • Fewer chemicals in mainstream brands – from what I’ve observed, it appears that some mainstream brands are realising that most people want beauty products without all the harmful, drying and damaging chemicals in them. Thus, some mainstream brands, such as Herbal Essences and Tresemme, have started producing conditioners (and shampoos) with healthier ingredients and fewer chemicals
  • More cowashing – I will do a full post about this but I have switched my regimen up a bit and I am cowashing more often. I just cannot carry on with expensive and/or little bottles of conditioner when I’m cowashing twice a week
Braidout using my new routine
  • More cost-effective – in this case, I’m kinda going for quantity over quality (well, not entirely because I’m using conditioners that are still good quality, just not all natural and organic). These drugstore conditioners often come in huge bottles for a very reasonable price so you get to keep them for agesss whilst not breaking the bank. Plus, I literally saturate and soak my hair in conditioner in order to detangle – don’t wanna be going through half the bottle in one wash!
  • It makes my life easyyyy! – these days, I’m all about making this natural hair journey easy. It is so much easier to pop down to Boots or Superdrug or CVS or Target and pick up your conditioner than to order stuff online etc!
Aussie Moist Conditioner – my fave!

If you’re gonna take this approach, please please make sure you aren’t using TOTAL crap on your hair! Go for reputable brands, such as Organix, Aussie, Herbal Essences, Tresemme etc! My fave at the moment has got to be Aussie Moist. It comes in a massive bottle, it leaves my hair super soft and it really does melt those tangles away!

There we have it, folks! Short post today, I know! But it’s just a simple update lol.

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Tara xXx


  1. Denniqua says:

    I see that you have pointed out that Aussie moist is your favorite currently but are there any particular ones in the herbal essences line or tresemme that you would recommend?

  2. Tara Ojora says:

    Hi! If I had to pick one each from those lines, I would go with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and the Tresemme Naturals conditioners. Hope that helps! xXx

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