3rd May 2019



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Sheet masks. At this point, we’ve probably all gone on Instagram and seen a blogger or celebrity on a plane with a sheet mask on. What are sheet masks? According to Orgaid, “sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in nutrition-packed solution called serum…which consist of many beneficial ingredients to the skin such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins”. If you follow the 10 Step Korean Skin Care Regimen, you’ll know it’s the 7th step after your serum and before your eye cream. And most people I’ve seen who follow the 10 step programme have pretty great skin so they must be on to something!

I LOVE a good sheet mask.  They can be so nourishing and good for the skin. I have super dry skin so I find the high concentration of serum and nourishment to be very helpful to the skin. The whole idea is that the sheet is meant to help the serum soak into the skin a little better than just using a regular mask. However, in my experience, the deep cleansing or exfoliating sheet masks really don’t do much. I think it’s because most cleansing masks need to sort of draw all the rubbish out of the skin in order to cleanse it and sheet doesn’t quite allow that. So if you’re looking for a cleansing mask, I would suggest a traditional clay mask like the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Mud Mask or the Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask.

Sheet masks are also amazing to travel with since you only use them once and then discard them. I honestly get sad when I try a bomb sheet mask and then I can’t use it again! That being said, sheet masks can be really pricey. I’ve seen some that go as high as $40, which is pretty crazy when you consider that you can only use them once. I also loveee how there is always so much serum in the packet. This serum packs a pretty good punch and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you scoop out the extra serum and massage it into your face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Here are a few sheet masks I love:

  • Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Revitalising Tissue Mask
  • Bath & Body Works Illuminating Rose Water Sheet Mask
  • Sephora Aloe Vera Face Mask
  • Dr. Jart+ Hydration Lover Rubber Mask (I guess this is more of a rubber mask than sheet mask but it’s similar!)


And a few I can’t wait to try:

  • Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution Ultra-Fine Microfiber Sheet Mask
  • Oh K! Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask
  • Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Second Skin Mask


There we have it, guys! I will be sure to do some reviews once I’ve tried these. And please comment your faves below!


Tara xXx

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