16th October 2016


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Hey faves!!

How are you all?? I hope everything’s going well for ya! It’s getting pretty cold in London right now and I’m not too happy about it *crying face*. I’m literally counting down the minutes till I can go back to Lagos for the Christmas holidays.

So the other day, I saw this tweet:


And it got me thinking! Whilst I do not advocate drowning your partner under any circumstances (no matter how annoying he/she may be!), I agree with the first two. I’m always shocked when people say “I don’t like water”. How can you not like the best liquid in the world?? Water has soooo many immense benefits. When I started increasing my water intake, my skin became clearer, my hair got thicker, I felt less tired, I got sick less and I lost some weight. These are just SOME of the MANY benefits of drinking water. As it stands, I drink 3 litres DAILY (roughly 100 fl oz of water or 0.8 gallons). YES, everyday without fail. And when I drink less than 3 litres, my body tells me immediately – usually in the form of a headache. Here are just a few signs that you may need to put down the Coke and grab a bottle of water:

1) Your mouth is super dry

This is usually the first sign that you’re not drinking enough H2O. Your mouth being dry is a pretty good indicator that you’re dehydrated. Normally, you may find that drinking a soft drink will help for about 5 minutes and your mouth is feeling dry again. GRAB THE WATER, SIS!

2) Your hair and skin are dryyy

If you have insanely dry skin or hair, you should most definitely drink more water. You can slap on the most expensive moisturisers in the world and deep condition twice a week but if you’re not taking care of yourself from the inside, chances are the outside won’t be looking so healthy and plush.


A high water intake has helped me achieve and maintain thick healthy hair

3) You are constantly breaking out despite having a good skincare regimen

If your skincare regimen is excellent and you don’t have any health issues that are affecting your skin but you’re still having a multitude of skincare problems, your body may not be doing so well from the inside. Up your water intake and eat loads of fruits and veggies. This was what made me start drinking loads of water – I had a good skincare regimen and I was healthy, yet my skin just looked a little dull and dry and I would get these random breakouts. Once I upped the water and improved my diet, that all went away.

4) You are constantly hungry

Lol ok not gonna lie, I literally eat 24/7. Really, it’s a problem – my parents regularly complain about how much I eat. BUTTTT I am not constantly hungry – I just eat a lot because I like food lol. And I really credit the amount of water I drink with keeping me from being constantly hungry. Studies show that sometimes, when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty and dehydrated. Next time you feel like you’re hungry at odd times, drink a glass of water and see how you feel. So, if you have self control (unlike me!), water may help you figure out when you’re actually hungry and when you’re just thirsty.


Now I’m really craving this breakfast!

5) You regularly feel dizzy

This was also me! I used to get dizzy all the time. Sometimes I would even faint (I still do but that’s a story for another day!). But the fainting became wayyy less frequent when I started drinking more water. Straight up dehydration can cause you to faint – don’t do it to yourselves!

6) You have very dark circles under your eyes

I struggle with dark circles – they’re so annoying. BUT with loadssss of water, sleep and eye cream (click here to see my post on why eye cream is the best!), you can actually improve them so much. Water has helped my dark circles a lot. If only I could get my sleep schedule on point, then I would never have to wear concealer!

These are just a few signs that you need to up your water intake!! There are so many more of course. And as I mentioned earlier, I know some people don’t like plain old water. But there are alternatives! Try adding lemon juice or fruit in general to your water for some healthy flavour. Also, try drinking herbal teas (e.g. green tea, camomile tea, rooibos tea, mint tea etc). Herbal teas have SO many health benefits. Just try to skip out on the milk.

There we have it, guys! I hope this helps you if you in some way! If you identify with these signs, DRINK SOME H2O. It will change your life.


Tara xXx

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