21st May 2018


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Hey cuties!

How are you all?? I hope everyone’s good. Life has been pretty busy lately but taking it in my stride! I’m learning better how to balance my full time 9-5 job and Nature’s Locks.

So quite a few people have asked for the full break down of how to actually use the Nature’s Locks Reparative Hair Growth & Sealing Oil. I wrote a post about all the qualities of the oils in this post but I wanted to do a focused post on the uses. You can use it for anything hair-related but here are my top 5 uses:

1) Pre-poo

I’ve done a whole post on pre-poos but this is probably my favourite way to use this oil! The key thing that makes this oil perfect for pre-poos is that it contains coconut oil and olive oil – along with avocado oil, these are the only oils that are actually able to penetrate the hair shaft. So not only will it stop your hair from being stripped by the shampoo but it will also nourish the strands from the inside.

2) Sealant

We all know how important it is to seal the moisture into hair (I have an old post on it). Yes, some people are able to get away with not doing it but most of us have to! I use this oil to seal my leave in conditioner or moisturiser nearly every time I wash my hair. It really locks that moisture in and keeps the hair soft and nourished, helping to retain length.

I sealed the moisture into my hair with the Nature's Locks oil

I sealed the moisture into my hair with the Nature’s Locks oil

3) Addition to deep conditioner

Anyone who has ever asked me for hair advice knows how much I talk about deep conditioning. It really is the key. If you don’t deep condition, PLEASE start right now! But sometimes you want to give your deep conditioner an extra boost and this oil can do just that.

4) Herbal oil

This is something I recently started doing but do feel free to mix extra stuff into your oil! So I LOVE Ayurvedic powders (e.g. henna, amla, shikakai, hibiscus). When I’m using them regularly, I can see a clear difference in my hair. And typically, people use Ayurvedic powders in masks, oils or as a hair tea. I recently found an Ayurvedic powder mix here in Lagos (KL’s Naturals Ayurvedic Conditioning Mix) and I added some to my hair oil and I use it to seal or for scalp massages and I’m loving it!

5) Scalp massage

When I’m asked for ways to stimulate growth, I often recommend doing scalp massages. And the use of an oil takes the scalp massage to another level. The rosemary and peppermint essential oils are scientifically proven to stimulate hair growth, the Jamaican black castor oil is known to increase thickness and the olive and coconut oils intensely nourish and repair the scalp. A healthy scalp = healthy hair.


I hope that gives a little more clarity on some of the ways I love to use my hair oil! Give these a go and let me know how it goes!


Tara xXx

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