12th September 2016



Hey cuties!

How are you all?? I am currently enjoying the last few weeks of summer *sobs*. Is it just me or did this summer go by in about 20 seconds?? It has probably been my best summer yet. I spent time with all my family and friends, I’ve eaten A LOT and I’ve slept even more. And even though I’ve been kinda unproductive this summer, I don’t feel bad AT ALL! We ALL need a break sometimes and I definitely needed a break this summer. You have to listen to your body and know when you just need to take a breather. How has your summer been? Have you guys done anything interesting?

Extra virgin olive oil has really made its way into my top 5 favourite things in life. I love to put it on my hair, on my skin and in my food. Olive oil is packed full of nutrients and is one of the healthiest oils you can eat and apply to your hair and skin. It is low in saturated fat, making it one of the healthier fats (along with avocados and nuts). It is a mild anti-inflammatory and contains vital and powerful anti-oxidants. Most importantly for your hair and skin, it is high in vitamins E and K, which help to heal damage and rebuild the cells. So extra virgin olive oil will literally improve your hair and skin from the inside and out!

There are so many ways to use this amazing oil for your hair and skin. Here are some ways I use it:

1) Pre-poo for your hair

Olive oil is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair strand (along with avocado oil and coconut oil) so this makes it ideal for a pre-poo. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s when you apply an oil all over your hair and scalp and leave it on your hair for a few hours or overnight then you shampoo your hair afterwards. This prevents the shampoo from drying your hair out and it aids in detangling. Olive oil works like a dream for this! It really softens and conditions the hair.

2) To seal the moisture into your hair

I love olive oil for sealing the moisture into my hair, particularly in the colder months. It really locks the moisture into my hair while softening the strands. It also gives my hair an amazing shine. Plus, with the Vitamin E, leaving it on my hair helps to heal any damage my hair has sustained.


3) A face and body moisturiser

I personally don’t really use normal body moisturisers. I use oils or butters – olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or shea butter. Or a mixture of all 4 in the colder months. Olive oil is also perfect for your face if you have dry skin. It is a number 2 on the comedogenic scale so it won’t clog your pores. Again, the vitamin E is amazing for healing acne scars and discolouration.

4) Make up remover

I rarelyyyy use wipes to remove my make up because 1) most wipes dry my skin out and 2) using oils I already have is cheaper! If you’ve never used oils to remove make up before, you’re missing out. Oils will melt the most stubborn waterproof eye make up. All you do is rub some of the oil all over your face for about 2-3 minutes then use a damp towel to GENTLY wipe off the oil and the make up along with it. It works like a dream! Tip: if you use a warm towel, it takes the make up off more easily.

5) Eye cream

Whenever I run out of my standard eye creams (the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream or the REN Keep Young and Beautiful Firm and Lift Eye Cream), I use my trusty olive oil. The vitamin E and the anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines underneath the eyes. If you haven’t tried it for that purpose, give it a shot.


There we have it, guys! Olive oil is really a necessity in my kitchen and in my hair and skincare routines. If you can, try to get your hands on extra virgin, cold pressed, organic olive oil! That will just give you the highest concentration of nutrients. And definitely try to include it in your food too – but if you do, consume it raw so the oil retains all the nutrients.

Do you guys use olive oil in any other ways?? Let me know below!


Tara xXx

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