13th November 2015


Hey hey hey!!

How are you guys?? LA is great as usual, although I really can’t wait to get back home to Lagos (4 and a bit weeks)! I pretty much just miss the food, family, friends and my dogs (notice how I put food first because it’s the most important thing in my life!). Haha!

So one thing I hear a lot in your Snapchats, emails, DMs etc is “ugh my hair is soooo hard to detangle!” Well, I’m here to tell you a few reasons why your hair may be so tough to detangle so you can change those things and make your lives a lot easier!

  • You need a trim – ladies ladies, I know we all get scared when the scissors come out but you MUST trim your hair in order to maintain healthy hair. When your ends are split and dry and messed up, they get all tangled up with the other strands of hair. I always know when I need to trim my hair when my hair becomes impossible to detangle.
  • Not washing/cowashing your hair enough – I know we all get busy sometimes but try not to leave weeks between your washes. With our kinks and curls and waves, our hair is more prone to tangling than the ladies with straight hair. If you leave your hair out without washing and, therefore, detangling for ages, chances are you’re gonna be detangling that mane for a few hours. Think of it like leaving two or three pairs of earphones in your pocket for weeks lol.
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  • Not detangling properly – this seems kinda obvious but do try to detangle properly every time you detangle. If you don’t detangle properly today, those tangles won’t just disappear between today and next week. If anything, the tangles will get worse and you may even have to cut the tangled hair out (trust me, been there, done that!)
  • Not using enough conditioner – part of the point of conditioner is to soften the hair to the point where the hair can be detangled easily. I always recommend literally saturating your hair in conditioner as that is often the easiest way to detangle and I’m all for making this journey as easy as possible!
  • Wide tooth comb, paddle brush and a fine tooth comb
  • You’re using the wrong tools – not every tool is gonna work for everyone, guys!! Your friend may be able to use a Denman brush whilst you can only use your fingers! Personally, I only use my fingers to detangle because that’s what works for me (although I may use a wide tooth comb when I’m about to straighten or braid my hair). If you have curly/wavy/kinky hair, you really shouldn’t be using a fine tooth comb to detangle wet hair. Half your hair will end up on the floor lol. Try different tools and see what works for you!
There we have it! If your hair is tough to detangle, the reason for it is probably pretty simple. Make a few simple changes and make your life much easier!

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Tara xXx

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