30th January 2017



Hey guyssss!!

How are things? I hope 2017 is going well for you so far! I feel like January has gone by superrrr slowly and I’m pretty ready for it to be over. Is it just me that feels that way??

Before we get on to what we came here for, I’m nearly sold out of satin pillowcases so if you’d like one, please email me on!! Get them while they last!

Now scalp massages! If you don’t know about these, where have you been?? I loveeee a good scalp massage. They can be soooo relaxing plus they have immense benefits for your hair:

Increases hair growth

This is probably the number one reason people do scalp massages. Scalp massages can stimulate hair growth. The massage increases blood flow to the scalp which increases growth. YESSS!

Loosens build up

A lot of naturals have quite a lot of build up on their scalps! This is because a lot of naturals choose to co-wash all the time instead of using shampoos/cleansers and we also tend to use thick oils, butters and creams. By massaging your scalp, you can loosen some of that build up prior to washing. Loosening this build up ensures your scalp is cleaner and healthier. Healthy scalp = healthy hair.

Thickens hair

Similar to the first point, the increased blood flow to the scalp helps to thicken the hair!! This is where I’ve actually seen major results with the scalp massages. I definitely noticed my hair got thicker when I started doing scalp massages.

Super relaxing

Hey, it’s 2017. Everyone is stressed out. We all have soooo much going on that we all need a time out from time to time. Why not take a time out that’s quick, easy, free and makes your hair thicker and longer. I get headaches a lot and scalp massages honestly do help to relieve that tension. Also, I’ve convinced myself that it gets my brain cells going – whenever I’m trying to write an essay and I have a mental block, I massage my scalp for like 10 minutes. It usually helps!

Lubricates the scalp

The same way you don’t wanna have build up on your scalp, you also don’t want to have a dry scalp. A dry scalp can result in itchiness, flakes and discomfort in general, all of which can negatively impact the hair growing from your scalp. You can choose to do your scalp massages with oils, which will of course lubricate the scalp. But even if you choose to just massage your scalp without oils, massaging the scalp speeds up the production of sebum. Sebum is the name used to describe the oils that your scalp naturally produces. Some people’s scalps have a hard time producing it but a quick massage can help you along.


I’ve noticed a lot more thickness even in my wet hair!

Now there are soooooo many ways to massage your scalp. It just depends on what you prefer. You can use just your hands or a scalp massager (or you could force a loved one to massage your scalp for a more relaxing experience). You can choose to use an oil (a mixture of oils) or just go right in. Here’s how I do mine:

  • If it’s wash day (I always do it on wash day) or at the mid-point between wash days, I apply a mixture of oils to my scalp before I massage. I usually just use a mixture of olive oil and Jamaican black castor oil as this is the combination that has helped to thicken my hair! If it’s just some random time, I go oil-less.
  • I massage for about 5-10 minutes depending on what I feel like!
  • If I can find my scalp massager at that particular time, I use that! If not, I use my fingers. The scalp massager I use is the Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush. It’s honestly the best thing ever. It vibrates so it feels so good on your scalp and it’s waterproof so you can use it while you’re shampooing your hair, which I regularly do to remove any extra build up. The only thing I don’t like is that the oil causes the colour to rub off in some cases or stains the massager – so mine has been stained by Jamaican black castor oil 😐


There we have it, ladies and gents!! Obviously, there is no rule book on how to massage your scalp lol. You just…massage your scalp. Give it a go and let me know how you feel about it!


Tara xXx

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