14th May 2017


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Helloooooo guys!!!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! I should probably explain why I’ve been MIA for like 2 months! So since my last post, I finally finished my degree in International Relations (I graduate in July!). This meant that I was crumbling under the pressure of my dissertation and essays and presentations – I was seriously going crazy but thank God that’s over. In that same period, I also moved back to Lagos, Nigeria. For those of you know who know me or have been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m Nigerian but I’ve been in school in England since I was 9 years old (apart from one year in America). I’m 21 now so it’s been a while since I properly lived in Lagos but I knew it was time to come back! I’ve also started a new job. My first proper 9-5 (well 8:30-5:30) job. Basically, it’s been a crazy few weeks but here we are. Still don’t know what I’m really doing in life but apparently that’s normal! But I promise, now that I’m finally setting properly, I’m going to be more on point with posting. Promise!! And if I don’t, feel free to email/DM me if you have any hair/skin questions.

Now, if any of you have ever been to Lagos, you know that the humidity out here is NO JOKE. Also, summer is rapidly approaching and many of you might be going on holiday to humid places so I figured this would be helpful. Humidity can turn your perfectly defined, time-consuming twist out into a ball of frizz in a matter of moments. I’ve found that my hair also gets extremely dry really quickly and is a bit more prone to breakage when I’m here. None of these things are good things so I’ve had to find ways to keep my hair healthy when I’m here and I think I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks.

Moisturise your hair more often

Of course, if your hair gets drier in humid climates, it makes sense to moisturise more often. But you wanna make sure you’re doing it properly. That means water. Water is your number one source of moisture. Whether you use an actual moisturiser (make sure it has water as one of the top 3 ingredients) or whether you literally spray water on your hair, get it done. I also find I have to seal that moisture in a lot more when I’m here to keep that moisture locked in. If you don’t seal your hair often, you may want to think about doing that a bit more when you’re in a humid place. I like to use a lighter oil when I’m here, such as grapeseed oil or almond oil.


When I’m moisturising my hair, I like to use a combo like this: water, a really good moisturising leave in and a gel and/or oil

Don’t skip your stylers

A styler is essentially what keeps your hair defined and gives the style hold. I wasn’t always a huge fan of stylers because my butters/creams used to do the trick but now that I’m here, stylers are an essential part of my hair regimen. They may not block out all the frizz but they allow my hair to have some degree of hold and definitely help my styles last way longer. I’m still trying some stylers out but the ones that I’ve found to work best in humidity are:

I’ll update you if I come across any other good ones. Do you guys have any other stylers that work for you when it’s humid?? Comment down below if you do!

styler-hair-camille rose-shea moisture-kinky curly

My fave humidity stylers!

Do stretched styles

In my person experience, wash and go’s are a recipe for disaster when it’s humid. As my hair gets super frizzy, it shrinks and gets insanelyyyy tangled. It can take over an hour to detangle and I definitely don’t have time for that. So when I’m wearing my hair out, I usually stick to twist outs and braid outs. On the rare occasion when I choose to rock a wash and go, I make sure I only rock it for 3 days MAX and when I know I’m gonna be indoors most of the time. Stretched styles will greatly reduce tangles and will allow you to show off more of your length.

If you’re doing a twist out or braid out, do smaller twists/braids

When I’m in a non-humid place, I can easily get away with doing 4 chunky braids or 6-8 chunky twists and my braid out/twist out looks just fine. But when that humidity kicks in, the chunky braid out/twist out just isn’t gonna cut it in my experience. It will look great for the first 3-4 hours but after that, frizz ball! So when I’m in a humid environment, I do smaller twists/braids. Typically, I’ll do 12-14 twists or 8-10 braids. It may not stop all the frizz but it’ll help your style last wayyyy longer.

twists-hair-natural-protective style

Some twists I did a couple of months ago

Apply products to wet/damp hair

This one helps a lottttt!!! Applying your products to wet or damp hair really reduces the frizz you get. When your hair has had time to dry before you apply the products, the frizzies have already had a chance to pop up. When the hair is wet or damp, you still have control. Your hair doesn’t have to be soaking wet but try to make sure it’s not dry. Even when I’m moisturising mid-week, I’ll spritz my hair with water (or a water and aloe vera mix) before applying my moisturiser and sealing it in.

There we have it, friends!! A few tips to help you keep that mane frizz-free. Or, at least, less frizz. And hey, if all else fails, embrace the frizz. We can’t control everything anyway!


Tara xXx

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