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How are you all? How was your weekend?? I was pretty much just sleeping the whole weekend, which is definitely never a bad thing.

We obviously know that when it comes to healthy hair, moisture is KEY. It keeps the hair soft, manageable, shiny, healthy and prevents breakage. However, it’s not just about moisturising the hair – it’s also about retaining that moisture. It’s all good and well spending hours of your Sunday evening moisturising your hair but if that moisture disappears by Monday morning, it’s kinda pointless. Moisture retention is half the battle – if you can keep that moisture in, you’re on to something.

Know your hair porosity

Knowing your hair porosity is key when it comes to retaining moisture. If you don’t know what on earth I’m talking about, read this post on hair porosity. It is essentially your hair’s ability to take on and hold on to moisture. If your hair is low porosity, your hair holds on to moisture pretty well but it’s hard to get the moisture in there. If you have high porosity hair, getting the moisture in is easy but retaining the moisture is tough (this is typically the case for people with relaxed/dyed/chemically processed hair). You medium porosity people are the lucky ones. Knowing your porosity will help you determine how often you need to moisturise in order to retain moisture, if you need to seal your hair and which products will do the job – I.e. knowing your porosity helps the next few tips make sense.


Seal your hair

I swear by sealing my hair! I have low porosity hair but, if I don’t seal my hair, my hair is gonna be like tumbleweed within the hour. Not what we want! Again, if you have no clue what I’m on about, here is a post I did all about sealing your hair. It’s basically when you apply an oil or a butter to your hair after moisturising your hair. It essentially stops the moisture from evaporating from your hair once your hair has dried. Hence, it helps your hair retain the moisture we’ve just put in.

One of my fave sealing oils!

One of my fave sealing oils!

Use the right products

The right products are essential to helping your hair retain moisture. You can buy all the hair butters at Camille Rose Naturals or the conditioners at Shea Moisture or the leave ins at Curls but, if they’re not right for your hair, they will do nothing to add and retain moisture when it comes to your hair. (Sidenote: this is by no means saying these are bad products. I happen to SWEAR BY all the products and lines I just mentioned – just giving examples). Finding the right products for you is trial and error – what works for you may be horrible for my hair. That’s why I’m often a little hesitant to suggest products to people because everyone’s hair is different. Try a few things out and find what works for you – when you find it, stick to it! Too much experimentation can also backfire lol.

camille rose naturals-shea moisture-aphogee-protein-natural-hair-devacurl

Some of my favourite hair products that work really well for my hair

Protective styling

Pretty sure we all know this one by now but protective styling is king when it comes to retaining moisture (provided you used the right products, you moisturised properly before installing the style and you take proper care of your hair while the style is installed). When your hair is in a protective style, it’s not flying around and being exposed to the elements. Your strands are bound together, making them stronger. “United we stand, divided we fall”, anyone? It’s that analogy. And because your strands are pretty much bound together, there’s less surface area for the moisture to evaporate from. Pretty sure most of us know about surface area from school so I’m sure you catch my drift! Few things keep my hair as moisturised as when I properly moisturise and seal my hair and then put it in twists or some other protective style. Word of caution though: if you use extensions, some extensions have been known to suck the moisture out of your hair so take note.

tarts-simple-make up-mac-lancome-foundation

Head wraps are one of my favourite protective styles

That’s it, guys! There are soooo many ways to retain moisture in your hair but these are my top 4! Remember: moisturising your hair is only half the battle – you’ve gotta keep that moisture in. Good luck!



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